Culture On Demand celebrates the bonfire storytelling experience by bringing you extraordinary adventures by ordinary people, in mesmerizing, interactive environments. This collection of storytelling apps is inspired by the hypnotizing interactivity of playing with the sparks in a fire or staring up at the stars while you are transported with a storyteller's memories. We hope to inspire everyone to want to be the storyteller. To have your own stories about veering into the wilds of the long-way to random, far-off destinations for telling around the bonfire.

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This is a collection of high-tech storybooks about low-budget adventures initiated by just taking off to explore amazing out-of-the-way places. A series we refer to as Poor Man's National Geographic, obsessively capturing video, audio and photos through the endless natural beauty and treasures along the long way.
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Photos, videos and audio collected on each mission are edited into interactive storyworlds modeled from actual terrain data and developed into a 3D, sound-reactive environment powered WebGL and THREE.js. Each Web app is brought to life by a narrator's account of each episode in the collection.
explore, collect media everywhere
These are high-tech storytelling toys, so you will need a modern browser to have the intended primitive experience. Your laptop/desktop or VR headset is going to create the most immersive storytelling experience, but these apps also create beautiful little handheld interactive campfire stories to curl up near using your phone or tablet.
explore, collect media everywhere

Interexactitude: An Augmented Short Story Your Location
A 3d Interactive interpretation of the classic short story / poem written by Jorge Luis Borges, which captures the absurdity of an empire that creates a map as large as the empire itself. 1 minute. English subtitles.

Infiltrate 17.0: 3D reactive environment 25.817482, -80.212281 . Miami, Florida USA
Sound-reactive 3D projection and mobile VR experience designed for the long-running (17 years) Infiltrate Miami Music Conference event. Web VR available.

My Good, Good Friend: Oued Laou, Morocco 35.4278233, -5.1339684 . Oued Laou, Morocco
My friend and I were kidnapped by hash smugglers in Morocco, and recorded our account shortly after our return. This installment is from that cassette, where I describe being taken by my captors in a cab through the Rif mountains to a city I could sign over my travellers checks.

My Good, Good Friend: Cullera, Spain 39.2031783, -0.3448035 . Cullera, Spain
My friend and I tried to ride junkyard bikes from Valencia, Spain to Morocco. We ended up getting kidnapped in Morocco, and we only got those bikes as far as Cartegena.


Poor Man's National Geographic: Grand Gulch, Southeastern Utah 37.458411, -110.086616 . Grand Gulch Primitive Area
If you go way, way out there in Southern Utah, in any direction, you will find mind-blowing natural beauty. And though much of the Southeastern part of the state is dotted with ruins of Ancient civilizations, but the experience has become a bit Disneyfied. Grand Gulch Primitive Area is the exception. There are dozens of lost cities concentrated in this remote location have been left untouched for thousands of years.

Poor Man's National Geographic: Chaco Canyon, New Mexico 36.0607712, -107.9639546 . Chaco Culture
Did you know that there are huge ancient cities thousands of years old in the U.S.? Me either. Did you know such a thing closes at dark? Did you know those Rangers carry guns? We didn't either and had to sneak around the cliffs of the Ancient Pueblos' oldest ruins trying unsuccessfully to escape the Ranger.


Culture On Demand is a creation of Miami-based artist Eric Cade Schoenborn.

Special thanks to my travel compadres and collaborators who contributed mightily to the missions by also tirelessly stomping around the wilderness shooting photos, video and audio and without whom these trips would be no fun at all: Joel Meinholz, Nancy Treviño, Kelly Martin, Neftali Adams and Chris Rosenthal.

These storytelling apps are powered by WebGL using Three.js. Chrome, Firefox or Safari or a VR headset will give you the best experience, but we are committed to delivering the campfire experience to whatever device you prefer, and each of these pieces works as a handheld interactive version for tablets and smart phones.

Remember, these are interactive storybooks, filled with photos, video, audio as well as the 3D engine the whole storyworld is running on, so be patient if it is slow loading. Enjoy!

Special thanks for the support: