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Eric Cade Schoenborn

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Eric Cade Schoenborn blends art, technology and storytelling to forge experiences that have engaged millions, online and offline. His practice is an examination of storytelling and media experiences through the lens of immersive technology and vernacular culture. Inspired by the oral storytelling tradition, he presents his work as augmented storytelling inspired by enjoying the backroads, backwoods, backrooms, back alleys and backyards of the world. Eric spent the last two decades in collaboration with campaigns, musicians, storytellers, artists, tastemakers, policymakers, filmmakers and misfits worldwide.



November 1999 – Present
I create immersive experiences for cultural impact. Rooted in the sincerity of campfire storytelling and DIY subculture, nurtured through decades of joyful experimentation and learning, powered by art, design and community, I produce with purpose and aim to inspire. Working in collaboration with a network of experienced explorers and specialists with a unique pool of experience has made me an invaluable resource to a diverse roster of collaborators, including: NikeSB, National Geographic, ACLU, Forbes, Knight Foundation, Gates Foundation, University of Missouri School of Journalism, Tumblr, Glenn Greenwald, The Wolfsonian-FIU Museum, The Avett Brothers, Students for a Free Tibet, Scripps Howard, Democratic National Committee, Amnesty International, and many others.

Pickathon, Co-Founder. Portland, OR

Founding partner of innovative music festival where we built a distinct brand of community incubator for experiments in fan experience, media, organizing and sustainability while providing a launching point for hundreds of entrepreneurial pursuits and collaborations. Beyond the branding, merch and customer experience dimensions to my role, I led the effort to infuse digital practices and offline organizing early in our development by prototyping and scaling an in-house CRM, ticket system, volunteer, guest list, blogging, work flows and social infrastructure, which gave our tiny team of partners the efficiency to grow the event into the rich experience with the derivative content the festival has built its business model around.

Threespot, Creative Director. Washington, D.C.

January 2017 - July 2018
Experimented with diversifying the service portfolio of this mission-driven design studio, particularly interested in discovering solutions for interactive editorial and communications products. Successfully integrating prototyping and testing with staff and clients, as well as experimenting with the user experience and delivery of proposals and presentations. Concepted, pitched, prototyped and led the creation of unique solutions for Environmental Working Group, Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America, Heising Simons Foundation and Knight Foundation.

Knight Foundation, Creative Director. Miami, FL

March 2010 – January 2015
Executed a dramatic digital transformation and rebranding of the foundation. Built and implemented a communications strategy which prioritized content contributions from across the Knight staff and network and married this strategy with the formation of the foundation’s social presence and brand experience. Through tireless community engagement, grew the social program from several hundred followers into an influential community hub of innovators, artists and community engagement practitioners. Created and executed endless events, campaigns, panels, trade show booths, reports, contests with some of the most influential thought leaders and organizations of the journalism, art, start-up and civic innovation communities, including: TED, MIT, Tumblr, NYU, Sir Tim Berners Lee, Gates Foundation, Kickstarter and many others.

ACLU, Digital Communications Director. New York, NY

November 2007 - March 2010
Ushered the organization into what was shaping up to be the first wave of the social web, starting one of the first in-house nonprofit organizational blogs and sorting out the branding, infrastructure and best practices for national office and affiliate priorities. These efforts helped forge partnerships and brought the brand experience inline across the campaigns and goals of the organization. Built a network of collaborators and a rhythm for creating innovative transmedia and advocacy experiences with artists, writers, filmmakers, attorneys, institutions, etc.

Free Range Studios, Interactive Director. Washington, D.C.

August 2003 – October 2005
Led creation of interactive products for start-up studio collaborating closely with the progressive community that was rapidly growing in Bush-era Washington. We created a lot of beautiful, custom campaign and storytelling solutions for mission-driven organizations, including: ACLU, National Geographic, Sierra Club, Howard Dean for President, DNC, John Kerry for President, Arianna Huffington, Easter Seals, Jane Harmon for Congress, The Humane Society, and MoveOn. Concepted and led creation of award-winning interactive documentary, Beyond the Fire for ITVS.

Scripps Howard, Art Director/Presentation Editor. Washington, D.C.

January 1999 - August 2003
Led the effort to put the entirety of the Scripps Howard News Service portfolio online, and helped transform the wire into an innovative online distributor of syndicated content from the Scripps chain. Responsible for leading design of print and online coverage including: the Scripps National Spelling Bee, the 2000 Republican National Convention, the 2000 Presidential elections and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. I also led design and photo at one of the chain’s daily newspapers, The Kitsap Sun, in Bremerton, Washington in my tenure with Scripps.


'98 – Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications, University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Telecommunications
'21 – MFA Candidate, Creative Technologies, Virginia Tech University School of Visual Arts

Exhibits, Press, Speaking, Awards, etc.

2021 Exhibit + Opossum Theater + iiiPoints Festival + Miami, FL
2021 Award + The Story of Dirk and Chip, Official Selection, Chattanooga Film Festival + Chattanooga, TN
2021 Award + The Story of Dirk and Chip, Official Selection, Berlin Lift-Off Festival + Berlin, Germany
2020 Award + Official Selection, Montreal Independent Film Festival + Montreal, Canada
2021 Presenter + Intstitute for Creativity, Art and Technology, Virginia Tech + Blacksburg, VA
2021 Press + VT News + Creative technologies Master of Fine Arts program broadens skills for students  + Virginia Tech + Blacksburg, VA
2021 Award + Best Parody Short, Best Student Short, Best Student Director + Independent Shorts Awards + Los Angeles, CA
2020 Exhibit + Snap Creative Challenge, ACM IMX + Barcelona, ESP
2020 Exhibit + Open at the Source 2020: Visionary Force, Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology + Blacksburg, VA
2019 Exhibit + Augmented Mural, iiiPoints Music Festival + Miami, FL
2019 Exhibit + Woodstock at 50, NYU Gallatain School + New York, NY
2018 Exhibit + Catharsis on the Mall + Sound Reactive Narrative Installation + Washington, DC
2018 Exhibit + Eaton Workshop Human Progress Festival + Sound Reactive Narrative Installation + Washington, DC
2018 Exhibit + Pickathon Cosmos + Projection Mapping / Generative Art Program + Portland, OR
2017 Press + Vice . Creators Project + A Magical Coral Orgy Took Over Miami's New World Center
2017 Exhibit + New World Center for the Arts + Architecture Mapping Installation + Miami, FL
2016 Press + Live Taos + Parse Seco, Showing Up
2016 Exhibit + Parse Seco + Wild Beast + Projection Mapping and Narrative Interactive Installation + Taos, NM
2016 Press + Highsnobiety + Here’s an Exclusive Look Inside Philly Radness, the Skateable Art Exhibition
2016 Press + + At Drexel, it's an art gallery and interactive skate park  
2016 Exhibit + Philly Radness + Generative Art Installation  + Leonard Pearlstein Gallery + Philadelphia, PA
2016 Exhibit + Infiltrate 17.0 + Miami Music Week 2016 +   Sound Reactive Installation & VR  + Miami, FL
2016 Exhibit + Ultra Music Festival + Sound Reactive Installation & VR + Miami, FL
2016 Exhibit + Filmgate VR Pavilion  + Filmgate Interactive + Miami, FL
2016 Panelist + SXSW Interactive 2016 + StoryNext VR Roundtable  + Austin, TX
2016 Panelist + SXSW Interactive 2016 + Time Warner Kernel Everywhere TV Lounge  + Austin, TX
2016 Exhibit + YoungArts Jazz, Skateboarding, New Media  + Interactive projection mapping collaboration + Miami, FL
2016 Portlandia Season 6, Episode 1 "Pickathon"  + Season premiere of IFC hit show filmed at Pickathon 2015
2015 Curator / Exhibit + Intercontinental Hotel Miami + Digital Arts Showcase + Winter 2015-2016 Show  + Miami, FL
2015 Presenter + Drexel University's Westphal College’s Rudman Institute for Entertainment Industry Studies  + Applying Design Lecture Series   + Philadelphia, PA
2015 Jurist + University of Florida College of the Arts + FACC Juried Arts Exhibition Visiting Jurist + Gainesville, FL
2015 Curator / Designer + O, Miami Poetry Festival x InterContinental Hotel, Interactive Art Show  + Miami, FL
2015 Press + Henry Rollins + Ty Segall / King Tuff Live at Pickathon
2015 Press + Pitchfork + Ty Segall and King Tuff to Release Split Live Album, Share Tracks and Video
2015 Executive Producer + 'Live at Pickathon' Vinyl Collection + Easy Sound Records + Los Angeles, CA
2015 Knight Foundation SXSW Party Creative Direction + SXSW Interactive + Austin, TX
2015 Associate Producer + Pickathon Video channels  + NPR, Grist, Bluegrass Situation, Aquarium Drunkard
2014 Exhibit + Borscht Film Festival + Interactive Planetarium Musical Performance + Frost Museum of Science + Miami, FL
2014 Press + + Knight Foundation's Guide to Interactive Storytelling  
2014 Exhibit + Art Basel 2014 + Sound Reactive Musical Performance w/ Rodrigo Amarante + FIU-Wolfsonian Museum + Miami, FL
2014 Press + New York Times + Photos From the Pickathon Music Festival
2014 Press + Paste Magazine + Pickathon is Not a Dream
2014 Exhibit + Planetary Radness, Interactive Installation + Magic Planet Exhibit + Frost Museum of Science + Miami, FL
2014 Presenter + Online News Association + Chicago, IL
2014 Press + Time Magazine + 14 Music Festivals to Check Out in 2014
2014 Participant / Staff + MIT Civic Media Conference +  MIT Center for Civic Media + Cambridge, MA
2014 Presenter + Grantmakers in the Arts + Storytelling is a Muscle + Miami, FL
2014 Press + Fusion Television Network + Fusion Live: Boss of Me, Interview
2014 Participant + Sundance New Frontiers Program, Flash Lab + New World Center for the Arts + Miami, FL
2013 Presenter + SND Louisville + Society of News Design + Louisville, KY
2013 Press + Communications Network + It's Okay to Have Fun  
2013 Press + Wired + Clickin' at Pickin/ Festival in the Oregon Woods
2013 Press + Vice + Pickathon Rethinks the Music Festival
2013 Press + Grist + Can a music festival be sustainable? Pickathon is finding out
2013 Exhibit + Phenomenal Radness + Installation + Miami Design District + Miami, FL
2013 Exhibit + The Making of … Live, curated .GIF SFMOMA + San Francisco, CA
2013 Participant / Co-Producer + TED Digital Community Convening + Long Beach, CA
2013 Participant / Co-Producer The GovLab + NYU + New York, NY
2013 Presenter / Conference Design + Media Learning Seminar + Miami, FL
2013 Press + Rolling Stone + The Best of the Summer Fests
2012 Gallery Exhibition + Erasey Page + Collaboration w / Jillian Mayer  + Bass Museum + Miami FL
2012 Participant / Co-Producer + MIT Civic Media Conference + MIT Center for Civic Media + Cambridge, MA
2011 Press + Knight Mozilla News Innovation Partnership
2011 Presenter + Knight Arts Advisory Council  + Aspen, CO
2011 Actor + The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke  + Sundance, SXSW, in Miami Art Museum permanent collection
2010 Press + NC State School of Humanities and Social Sciences  + Knight Foundation: Extending the reach
2010 Presenter / Staff + MIT Civic Media Conference + MIT Center for Civic Media + Cambridge, MA
2009 Press + The Oregonian + Pickathon goes from picnic to full-blown festival, but stays true to its roots
2008 Presenter + Computers, Freedom and Policy + New Haven, CT
2008 Presenter  + ACLU National Staff Conference  + Los Angeles, CA
2006 Exhibit + WRFL / Synaesthesia Fest + Lexington, KY
2005 Official Selection Sundance Online Film Festival
2005 Official SXSW Best Educational Site
2005 PBS-Independent Lens Selection
2005 Batten Online Journalism Awards Notable Site
2005 WEBBY Worthy Selection
1999-2002 Congressional Press Photographers Gallery + U.S. Congress + Washington, D.C.
1999 Society of News Design + Silver Medal Newspaper Redesign
1997 Internship + Design/Graphics + Lexington Herald-Leader + Lexington, KY
1996 Internship + Online Producer, Derby Coverage + The Thoroughbred Times + Lexington, KY

© Eric Cade Schoenborn       EMAIL:       INSTAGRAM: @ericcades       VIMEO: @ericcades